Have you ever wondered what makes us Pakistani?, our history ,our culture our traditions, norms and values. From the Indus Valley civilisation to the movement for a separate homeland, from the snow caped mountains in the north to the deserts in the south, from the Pakhtun attan to the punjabi Bhangra, from the traditional norms and values to the ever expanding pop culture,from the descendents of Alexander the Great in the kalash Valley to the people of African descent along the makran coast Pakistan is a boiling pot of diversity that is yet to be fully understood and appreciated. This segment is dedicated to the average Pakistani and how he can relate not only to one aspect of the array of different cultures rather how he can find himself in all of this and be proud of the diversity in Pakistan and what makes him Pakistani,his Pakistaniyat. This segment is aimed at portraying what defines us as a nation that includes our rich history from the Indus Valley to mujay Kiu nikla What defines our identity. Pakistan is a country united not with ethnicity language or geographical boundaries, but ideology.