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Social Issues

The reality of despair

Trigger warning: Suicide If you’re reading this and feel helpless, I want you to remember that reaching out is always better than not feeling worthy enough to live. You are…

Hamna Atiq on
Social Issues


The word ‘Transgender” has always had a great stigma surrounding it. However, this was not always the case. For centuries Transgenders kept a position of great power in the courts…

Hareem Rashid on
Social Issues

Literacy and Economic Growth

Literacy is the potential to read. Whereas, the sum of literate individuals in a given age classification, demonstrated as a percentage of the entire population in that age group is…

Eman Ahsan on
Social Issues

The Reality of Child Labour in Pakistan

In preindustrial economies, child labour was an intrinsic part of the society primarily because the welfare and the productivity of the community was dependent on it. At the time the…

Maheen Elahi on
Social Issues

A World Without Water

2020 has been a challenging year for everybody so far as it brought changes to the world that none of us had ever imagined. Life is changing daily and these…

Ambreen Maryam Shafique on