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Low Income: Not a Curse

Stale food, old clothes, leftover items, and toys our kids don’t find attractive enough. That’s all we have to give to our maids, no? And still, we expect complete sincerity…

Aiman Rahim on
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Social and Physical Bullying

In today’s date, we fail to have a complete understanding of the difference between social and physical bullying. What is bullying? Bullying. It’s such a strong word, such a frightening…

Hamna Atiq on
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In a world where evil runs rampant, where the innocent are locked up and the abusers live free, where lies are mostly portrayed as the truth, where friends turn into…

Reem Kirmani on
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Tale of a Lost Nation

Pin Drop Silence. Not a single sound could be heard except for the occasional flickering of the illuminating fire set up in the room’s corner. I glanced down at the…

Qirrat Ali on
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Why is Yemen at war?

Unlawful detentions, forceful disappearances, and torturing detainees continue in Yemen for the fifth year as well. Yemen, one of the poorest countries of the Arab world is facing a civil…

Alizeh Bukhari on
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The CoronaVirus – An Alternate Perspective

The CoronaVirus outbreak in China has been popularly attributed to the consumption of bat meat, however uncertainty regarding the epidemic’s exact origins has culminated suspicion and certain conspiracies exist as…

The Pakistani on

Hybrid Warfare and the role of Social Media

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.” -Napoleon Bonaparte The battles fought in the multi-dimensional area of the internet have marked the 21st century unsafe….

Shizza Bukhari on

The Human Odyssey

Have you ever laid down and gazed at the stars? Have you ever imagined the immense magnitude of this universe? What is out there? What other worlds? Any other lifeforms?…

Maryam Shah on


A million subscribers on YouTube?  A thousand followers on Instagram? She had a trip to Bahamas? He seems so happy in his life! She got into university of her choice…

Yusra Shafquat on