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  • We need more people like you to carry the conversation forward. The article is written in a very thoughtful, eloquent and articulate. Good job!

  • This is really insightful and I absolutely support you in this journey. People really need to be educated about the harm they cause consciously or unconsciously and collectively, all of us should find within us the right amount of empathy to deal with such social ills. love this!

  • Bullying has both psychological and physical impacts, which can be both short term and long term. We as humans need to show more responsibility and affection towards our own kind irrespective of the race, colour and religion.
    Thank you for writing this up. Reading this felt really good from one human to another

  • Ive read alot of internet think pieces and opinion pieces, but its been a while since ive read an article that is as terribly written as this one is. This article is a derivative mess, it seems like the author just read better articles and stole bits and pieces from those better articles without understanding why they were used and what purpose they serve. The opening paragraph reads like less of an article and more like a to-do list. There is no style or prose to speak of, and it just seems like a child trying to immitate the veneer of an writer. In conclusion this is a horribly written article with 0 substance to offer.

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