• Dear Daughter!
    I see your article in capacity of a student and teacher of linguistics and literature and as an observer of society as well.
    This is very well-written. There is proper coherence between thoughts and words, syntax is powerful and you are blessed with convincing power of convincing.
    Causes and results of mental illness are very well-identified and explained. Social, cultural, financial and behavioural circumstances play a pivotal role in this regard. But I would like to add onething and I hope that you will take it positive.
    Lack of spirituality and decadence of values are also to be considered when we analyse such issues.
    The more you get discontented with what you have the more you get disturbed mentally. Lust for wealth and to surpass aone another in worldly things put us into depression and anxiety. Instead of working hard and working honestly we sit idle and compare ourselves with the ones going ahead.
    Please add these things to your research and analysis as well.
    Jawad Iqbal

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