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In a world where evil runs rampant, where the innocent are locked up and the abusers live free, where lies are mostly portrayed as the truth, where friends turn into…

Reem Kirmani on
Social Issues

Environment in Pakistan: Overview and Analysis

Karachi rainfalls, Lahore’s smog, and melting Himalayas are just some of the examples of climate change in Pakistan. Pakistan has a minute contribution to total global greenhouse gas (GHG) emission,…

Isra Naseem Cheema on
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The handicrafts of Sillanwali

While Pakistan may be a fairly young country, its art, culture, and architecture have gone through centuries of weaving, knitting, painting, and carvings to stand on the level they are…

Amna Faisal on

Hindutva and the Kashmir Crisis

Hindutva and the Kashmir Crisis Since the revoking of Kashmir’s autonomy, the Muslim Majority Kashmir state has been in a state of non-existence. The internet was shut down, landlines were…

Shizza Bukhari on
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Medical Malpractice in Pakistan

There is perhaps, no greater paradox than the healthcare system of Pakistan. Very few professions garner the amount of adoration and blind trust as those in Pakistan’s hospitals while also…

Aiman Rahim on
Art & Culture

Pakistani Cinema and How it Evolved

If someday, while sitting in your cozy lounge with your parents, you ask them about Syed Noor, Sangeeta, Mustafa Qureshi, or Zeba, you might hear praises and lauds about the…

Muhammad Yasir Nawaz Khattak on
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Biden vs. Trump: US elections 2020

No other democracy in the world elects its President as the United States does. You do not need a majority vote or ‘the popular vote’ to win as seen in…

Maheen Elahi on

The demise of democracy predicted in Kashmir

What seemed like a democracy back in the 1970s has now resulted in a small-scale civil war by the end of the 1980s. Since then, there are numerous assassinations, abductions,…

Alizeh Bukhari on
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Antisocial personality disorder; A war with yourself Antisocial behavior simply put is a disruptive behavior where alarm and distress is caused. Disregard for others as well as one’s own self….

Reem Kirmani on
Social Issues

The reality of despair

Trigger warning: Suicide If you’re reading this and feel helpless, I want you to remember that reaching out is always better than not feeling worthy enough to live. You are…

Hamna Atiq on

Tech innovation race of US and China

The spread of U.S.-China rivalry into the technology sector has threatened the way innovation operates. The U.S.-China hybrid cold war is spreading immensely. There has been a consistent movement of…

Shizza Bukhari on