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The reality of despair

Trigger warning: Suicide If you’re reading this and feel helpless, I want you to remember that reaching out is always better than not feeling worthy enough to live. You are…

Hamna Atiq on

Tech innovation race of US and China

The spread of U.S.-China rivalry into the technology sector has threatened the way innovation operates. The U.S.-China hybrid cold war is spreading immensely. There has been a consistent movement of…

Shizza Bukhari on
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The word ‘Transgender” has always had a great stigma surrounding it. However, this was not always the case. For centuries Transgenders kept a position of great power in the courts…

Hareem Rashid on
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Tale of a Lost Nation

Pin Drop Silence. Not a single sound could be heard except for the occasional flickering of the illuminating fire set up in the room’s corner. I glanced down at the…

Qirrat Ali on
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Tariq Aziz – The end of an era

“Lagta hai waqt tham gaya hai. Rawan dawan zindagi ruk gai hai. Kayi dinon se bistar per laitay laitay soch raha hun ke azaadana harkat bhi Maalik ki kitni bari…

Emel Minal on
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Pakistan’s economic overview amidst COVID-19

Aside from various transnational and domestic issues that have prevailed in Pakistan, COVID-19 has posed a new challenge for the country’s developing economy. The outbreak of corona virus can be…

Mustafa Afridi on
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Literacy and Economic Growth

Literacy is the potential to read. Whereas, the sum of literate individuals in a given age classification, demonstrated as a percentage of the entire population in that age group is…

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