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Kashmir; The Land Stricken By Terror

Kashmir, the home of 12.55 million Kashmiris has been the center of oppression even before 1947. The region has a Muslim majority, 61% of the population (2019); but despite the…

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A World Without Water

2020 has been a challenging year for everybody so far as it brought changes to the world that none of us had ever imagined. Life is changing daily and these…

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Why is Yemen at war?

Unlawful detentions, forceful disappearances, and torturing detainees continue in Yemen for the fifth year as well. Yemen, one of the poorest countries of the Arab world is facing a civil…

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The CoronaVirus – An Alternate Perspective

The CoronaVirus outbreak in China has been popularly attributed to the consumption of bat meat, however uncertainty regarding the epidemic’s exact origins has culminated suspicion and certain conspiracies exist as…

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Hybrid Warfare and the role of Social Media

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.” -Napoleon Bonaparte The battles fought in the multi-dimensional area of the internet have marked the 21st century unsafe….

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The Seven Wonders of Skardu

A true heaven on earth and epitome of beauty, Skardu is the biggest district of Gilgit Baltistan and the Capital city of  the Baltistan region alongside the wide bank of…

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Vibrant colors with a modest purpose.

In a narrow alley behind Liberty market, is one of the oldest markets of Lahore – the mythical Dupatta Gali with the colorful creativity on dupattas displayed by an array…

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